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Which Birth Control Method Is Most Effective?

Birth Control Method Is Most Effective When choosing what type of birth control to use, safety and efficacy are always patients’ first concerns. Some contraceptive methods work better at preventing pregnancy than others.   Abstinence and permanent sterilization are typically..

Nutrition Counseling: What to Expect 

Nutrition Counseling What to Expect  Do you need nutrition counseling? If your primary care physician has recommended this service, you have no reason to be nervous. Your nutrition counselor won’t scold you about your food choices or judge your eating habits. The counseling proces..

Addiction Recovery: How to Cope with Triggers

addiction-recovery-triggers Completing addiction recovery treatment is an incredible accomplishment — getting clean can be a major challenge. Staying drug-free can be as much of (or more) a struggle. Certain people, places or situations can spark a strong temptation to u..

Medical Weight Loss Tips: Stop Stress Eating in 4 Simple Steps

medical weight loss When life gets stressful, medical weight loss can be a challenge. Most people turn to comfort foods now and then — and in small doses, stress eating isn’t always a diet problem. But the issue can easily become a habit, preventing you from she..

Is Hormone Replacement Therapy Right for You?

Hormone Replacement Therapy Right for You Hormone replacement therapy (HRT) is a treatment that restores the female hormones the body stops producing after menopause. Replacing the lost estrogen — and in some cases, progesterone —- can be an effective solution for managing poten..