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Medical Weight Loss Tips: Stop Stress Eating in 4 Simple Steps

medical weight loss When life gets stressful, medical weight loss can be a challenge. Most people turn to comfort foods now and then — and in small doses, stress eating isn’t always a diet problem. But the issue can easily become a habit, preventing you from she..

Is Hormone Replacement Therapy Right for You?

Hormone Replacement Therapy Right for You Hormone replacement therapy (HRT) is a treatment that restores the female hormones the body stops producing after menopause. Replacing the lost estrogen — and in some cases, progesterone —- can be an effective solution for managing poten..

Focus on Women’s Health: Bone Density Testing

Women’s Health Bone Density Testing We can’t discuss women’s health without talking about osteoporosis and the threat it poses. Osteoporosis is often referred to as a “silent disease” because bone loss happens without symptoms. Most women don’t know they have this disease unt..

What Your Family Practice Doctor Wants You to Know about Antibiotics

family practice doctor Family practice doctors see a lot of sick people every year, and a surprising number of them come in asking for antibiotics. Over the years, most of us have come to believe that antibiotic drugs are an all-purpose solution to whatever ails us. Unfort..

3 Health Tips for Couples Planning a Family

Couples Planning a Family If you’ve started to think about planning a family, your mind may already be full of thoughts and dreams of becoming parents. You may be thinking about potential names for your baby or what color to paint the nursery. But what you may not be thin..