Hormone Replacement Therapy

Hormones are Vital to

Good Health

At Salson Clinics, hormone replacement therapy, or HRT, is an important component of our patient-centered, holistic model of care. As the body ages, our natural hormone production drops off and a variety of physical changes result.

Men may experience hair loss, a decrease in muscle mass and strength, and diminishing libido and sexual performance. Women find their skin becoming dry and thin, and their hair losing its luster. Both men and women can experience fatigue, tiredness and elevated triglyceride levels.

In addition to these disquieting physical changes, many of our patients find that declining hormone levels are reflected in their mood and mental capacity. It’s common to experience feelings of frustration that you are unable to explain or to lose your ability to concentrate and focus.

HRT has safely and successfully addressed these symptoms for decades, in both men and women, and it can do the same for you today.


the Fountain of Youth

Hormone replacement therapy can help you feel younger, stronger and more virile than ever before. With the ability to improve everything from your libido to your stress and performance levels, hormone replacement can even improve how well you sleep at night.

The experienced Salson Clinics doctors and medical team understand how important balance is to your overall health and well-being. That’s why we offer medical hormone replacement therapy for restoring your body’s natural balance. You will feel rested and rejuvenated, and ready to get back to living fully and healthfully.

And, when you feel better, you can’t help but look better too. Natural emollients return to your skin and hair, your endurance increases, and you’ll see that familiar sparkle of life returning to your eyes and smile.

HRT Can Improve

Your Life

Whether you want to boost your sexual performance or you simply want to feel younger and stronger again, we can help improve your life with hormone supplementation.

Not only is our HRT program safe and simple, but it can also protect your body against many of the perils of aging. Our HRT program is tailored to your unique needs and body composition, to reduce the specific hormone deficiency symptoms you’ve been feeling.

At Salson Clinics, we know that balance is the secret to good health. Our holistic approach to patient-centered treatment addresses the needs of both body and mind, and helps to ensure that you awaken every morning as your best self.

We offer a complimentary HRT consultation with our board-certified medical staff, to tell you more about how this safe and effective therapy can benefit you. Contact us today to schedule your appointment, to learn more about hormone replacement therapy.

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